It’s like a late Christmas present to people who like facts

Giant swinging dick and all-around smart guy Zbigniew Brzezinski lays the smackdown on Joe Scarborough on his own show during a discussion of the Gaza conflict in the larger context of mideast relations in the last 20 or so years. Among other things, Z pointed out that under Clinton, we had a policy of engagement and discussion for both sides of the issue, and kept Israel and Arafat at the table — which cut down on violence. Until 1/01, when Clinton left office and Bush more or less abandoned that approach. Anyway, Joe said something stupid, to which ZB replied “You know, you have such a stunning superficial knowledge of what went on that it’s almost embarrassing to listen to you.” HuffPo has video. Don’t miss it.

4 thoughts on “It’s like a late Christmas present to people who like facts

  1. And what a stunningly incompetent job Zbibniew did while under Jimmy Carter, particularly in the Middle East in handling the Iran crisis. Can’t wait to see what the reprise brings.

  2. I love how predictable your comments are. Actually, “love” is probably not the right word. I suspect you dropped this one in here without even bothering to watch the video. Do you hurt your leg often with such knee-jerk reactions?

  3. I watched it. I had a little taste of vomit in my mouth when I realized you were pumping this guy up. Again I say what a bang up job this guy did with middle east policy under Carter. You could even argue that Hamas as it stands now directly relates to the head-in-the-ass policies that the Carter administration left us in the middle east. Perhaps you should READ the reports of where the more advanced missiles slamming into Israel are being manufactured. Had Carter not gutted the military and the spooks and not been such a complete fucking pussy with regards to Iran this particular terror group and it’s funding would likely not exist. And if we want to talk about wobbly knees how about yours, how they get all wobbly with any mention of what Bush did wrong.

  4. “Pumping this guy up” in this context, I guess, means “pointing out that he has a better understanding of Mideast politics than a gasbag like Scarborough.” His performance, and the Carter administration’s in general, is irrelevant to the point I’m making here.

    But it’s nice to see your irrational hatred of Carter and irrational support of Israel are still intact.