More depravity from Gitmo

We’ve been wondering just exactly what to say about the suicides at Gitmo or, more specifically, the shocking statements that came from the camp’s commandant in re: suicide as an act of war. How’s that work exactly? Suicide bombing we sort of get — so did the Japanese in the waning days of Pearl Harbor, and so too do countless American war movies glorifying the crucial “suicide mission” nevertheless necessary for the greater good. But how exactly is out and out suicide — hanging yourself with your sheets in your cell — an act of anything but desperation and despair? It’s become abundantly clear that many if not most of the prisoners at Gitmo were gathered up on scant or no evidence, and our government insists they can hold them forever. If that’s not a ticket to despair, I don’t know what is.

So anyway, we were trying to spool up to give Rear Admiral Harris both barrels, but then we found that the Rude Pundit beat us there, God love him.

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