Because they’re, you know, all about Family Values and shit

Two items:

  1. Illinois pretty boy and GOP senatorial candiate Jack “Not the Tom Clancy One” Ryan has had a bad week, as a media lawsuit to open his divorce record released statements from his ex-wife, Jeri “7 of 9” Ryan, complaining that he’d taken her to sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and Paris and pressured her to “perform” with him in front of other people. We’re all about getting our freak on here at Heathen, but we’re also pretty sure the platform Ryan supports doesn’t include doing so in sex clubs. The only way this story would be better would be if he’d pulled these stunts at Trekkie conventions.
  2. Watch for Cheney’s poeple to spin this one like mad, but yesterday on the Senate floor our esteemed Veep suggested to Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont that he should “fuck himself” after Leahy took Cheney to task for war profiteering through Halliburton and for calling Leahy a “bad Catholic” for maintaining a pro-Choice position. Classy move, Dick, and yet another example of the fine Family Values exemplified by the GOP.

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