A small example of, potentially, why Bush doesn’t run on issues

At a school in Eden Prairie, a teacher arranged for a “mock election” at a parent/teacher/student meeting:

He read where each of the candidates stood on the main issues of the campaign. He didnĂ•t say who was who… just “this is what candidate one says, this is what candidate two says”. The kids made tally marks about each thing they agreed with from each candidate. Then the kids voted on the issues. Four kids voted for Bush. 26 kids voted for Kerry. … most of the kids who voted for John Kerry were greatly upset by it. They booed the results of their vote. They were upset that they had voted for the “wrong guy”. The teacher went on to say that he assured the kids that the election was not yet over, and that there still might be many issues where they would agree with George W. Bush, and maybe when they tried again later, they would end up voting for him. The parents looked relieved as well. . . The gears that had begun to grind uncomfortably in their heads smoothed out and they relaxed. We moved on to talk about other things, and everyone was happy.

Yeah, best not to actually THINK about what your candidate might do. Just vote. Right, George?

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