Deep down, of course, I suspect even Myers knows this is true.

So there’s a movie adaptation of The Cat in the Hat. I’m sure you’ve heard. It stars Mike Myers. You probably know that, too.

Ty Burr of the Boston Globe confirms what you almost certainly suspect about this movie. A sample:

At one point in “The Cat in the Hat,” the Cat, played by Mike Myers, is mistaken for a pinata by a group of children at a birthday party. One by one, they line up to smack him, and the scene culminates with a husky lad swinging a baseball bat directly into the unfortunate feline’s cojones. That’s a remarkably precise metaphor for what this movie does to the memory of Dr. Seuss. If the producers had dug up Ted Geisel’s body and hung it from a tree, they couldn’t have desecrated the man more.

Ouch. Of course, Myers, et. al., will likely cry all the way to the bank.

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