Underwear advertisement-cum-music-video as psychosexual-political commentary

You heard me. This music video produced by high-end lingerie maker Agent Provocateur includes the following:

  • Actors pretending to be Tony Blair and George W. Bush;
  • A sexy dominatrix in impractical yet compelling undergarments;
  • A fair chunk of what passes for S&M play in…
  • …a facsimile of the Oval Office which includes, heretofore unknown to the general public…
  • …a secret closet stocked with a cornocopia of sexual apparatus and accessories presumably not on hand in the genuine White House, at least in this administration;
  • Faux-Dubya receiving the attentions of said dominatrix while the Secret Servcie guards the office;
  • All to the dulcet dones of a cover of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control.”

What more, we ask, could you ask of us on a Friday?

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