Um, what?

Filling out a (Federal) form for a background check related to a new project at work, I was asked for my height. Do you see anything unusual about the dialog options below?

how tall am I.png

4 thoughts on “Um, what?

  1. Have you shrunk? I mean, I realize that you have never been a basketball player, or even a sasquatch, but 5’10”? Am I really taller than you?

  2. depends on the shoes. Actually, I think I’m closer to 5’11”, but rather than be the guy who fudges for height, I claim a barefooted and pessimistic figure.

    And yes, I think you’re a little taller than I am. Especially with the hair.

  3. You shouldn’t count the hair. I have to buy it its own plane ticket now, and it recently applied for a passport. It won’t tell me where it’s going.

    Maybe the 9′ mark is reserved for other people with wild Irish hair?