Today in Heathen News

Thanks to the herculean efforts of Chief Technological Heathen, the developer formerly known as LHHFFH, the entire archives of Miscellaneous Heathen are finally online again. And, for the first time, they’re actually all stored in the same system — all prior “complete” incarnations of Heathen included some static page copies of the earliest entries, from November 2000 through July 2001.

The takeaway? Good CHRIST I post a lot. Anyway, here’s a few newly-restored delights for you:


One thought on “Today in Heathen News

  1. Hmmm, what was that comment I made, as I was working on the import?

    Oh, yeah: “Jesus, you’re a mouthy fuck.”

    Still I’m glad we finally got it all imported. If we can get all the other static files in place, we’ll be in good shape.