4 thoughts on “Please don’t suck.

  1. I’m still recovering from being exposed to Watchmen’s colossal luminescent blue penis on an IMAX screen.

    This trailer looks genuinely promising. I said that about Sucker Punch, though. Please understand that I am unable to offer any further information with regard to whether I did or did not shell out $17.00 to see Sucker Punch in IMAX.

    If I did go, I saved my ticket stub as it read “SUCKER” which I would have found rather hilarious in retrospect (if I had gone).

    Lucas Lee looks like he might have availed himself of a limited HGH/testosterone kicker. I’m not saying that hard work wasn’t involved, but Jesus H….come on.

  2. LOLWatchmen. You know that book is like holy writ to me, yes?

    I think that film was nearly as good as it could be. Snyder was, if anything, too slavishly devoted to the text, but godDAMN if it didn’t look exactly right. I, of course, have it on BluRay.

    I realized today that I hope very much that the conclusion of the Captain America movie finds him disarming a V-2 rocket that veers northward, away from England, to the arctic before embedding itself impotently in an iceberg — and, sadly, taking Cap with it, therein to slumber for 50 years…

  3. Blu-Ray? Really? Wow.

    I have high hopes for Captain America in spite of your review for “Thor” precisely because it’s Marvel and not DC. The Christopher Reeve Superman I and II aside, DC has really only been able to pull off Batman as a “serious” movie.

    That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the hell out of the 70s TV version of Wonder Woman. In fact, my children are watching Linda Carter save Lyle Wagoner right now as I type this.

    The alternate beginning of the Edward Norton Hulk finds Dr. Banner staggering progressively north into the Arctic, steadily shucking supplies and protective clothing until he gets to the edge of a glacier, pistol in hand. Unfortunately, the effort and stress of doing himself in makes him Hulk-out. As the glacier crumbles around him into the sea, one of the last things we see onscreen is a bluish chunk of ice with a distinctive red-and-white-striped circle.

    Thor ended as it should have, with Thor pining for his Midgard-bound girlfriend, just like in both the comics and recent cartoon-movies, so I’m fairly confident that this Cap will be okay.

    In spite of the fact that Johnny Storm/Chris Evans is playing him.

    Really? Watchman? I mean, it looks exactly like the graphic novel, granted, but Blu-Ray?