Hollywood: Still Stupid, Still Hating You

This AppleOutsider post takes note of the new MPAA-NetFlix agreement (wherein subscriber access to DVDs will be even further delayed, supposedly to encourage us to just buy the damn things instead), and notices something that should be obvious to the MPAA and everyone else now:

There is no delay for pirated copies of DVDs. There is no DRM. There are no bullshit unskippable warnings or commercials. In response to this supposedly existential threat, Hollywood is making easy access to their content harder, and encouraging folks to find another path. After all, iTunes succeeded because it was easier than piracy.

It really is amazing how fundamentally stupid this is, and how much it suggests an utter contempt for their audience. Make it easy, make it available, and we’ll pay to watch or listen to the things we like. It’s that simple. Start putting hoops in the way, and they just encourage mechanisms of distribution outside their control.

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