Susan G. Komen Can Pound Sand

The well-heeled pink-ribbon brigade has bowed to pro-life ninnyhammers and will no longer contribute to Planned Parenthood.

This will of course coincide with heathen HQ discontinuing any support for Komen. We encourage you to go and do likewise. Planned Parenthood provide a cornucopia of well-women services, including family planning; cutting its funding impacts underserved populations far more than the middle class. Given that the Komen dollars were earmarked for breast cancer screening, it seems particularly obnoxious that they’d discontinue the donation.

Let’s also make something completely clear: Komen is a marketing organization. They don’t actually DO anything but raise money and give it away. Planned Parenthood is about providing medical services.

So, as Nonsequiteuse puts it, “If you want to look pretty in pink, give to Komen. If you want to create opportunities for women to access life-saving care, give to Planned Parenthood.”

I think that about sums it up.

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