Politifact Is Dead

They’re now pronouncing Lawrence O’Donnell’s statement that “critics of the GI Bill called it welfare” as “mostly false” despite in their own summary quoting several sources who referred to it as “relief,” “the dole”, and the equivalent of handouts.

Seriously? Maddow has more; go watch her takedown.

I mean, most intelligent folks wrote Politifact off months ago, when they declared Democrats’ claims that the GOP wanted to end Medicare a “pants on fire” lie of the year for 2011 — this despite the fact that this is precisely what the GOP set out to do. Politifact’s defense was that the GOP plan would still include something called Medicare, but given that their alternative had essentially nothing else in common with the Medicare of 2011 it’s hard to find this a strong argument for anything other than “Politifact has become a hack organization.”

Or, worse, someone is pressuring them to find “lies” from Democrats to balance the tons of bullshit generated by the GOP.

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