4 thoughts on “Sixty.

  1. IF Franken is seated. With Spector’s defection, they will be even more loathe than ever to give up Minnesota. (Ironic how the Big Tent party is looking more and more like a Revival Tent, or perhaps even a Carnie Tent.)

    Furthermore, with Spector’s centrist history, the Dems do not have a dead lock on every issue.

    That having been said, there is a great picture circulating teh internets of Spector and McCain flanking Palin on a stage on the campaign trail. Palin is pumping both fists in the air, no doubt cheering on whatever Jeebus-fevered-race-baiting orgy the crowd has degenerated into, while Spector and McCain are clearly looking down at the crowd sporting facial expressions one typically associates with what it must be like to take a bite out of a huge turd. THAT is your Republican Party.

  2. The Coleman camp is running out of options, so I’m not sure there’s going to be much more trouble there.

    The GOP have only themselves to blame for this. It’s very, very hard not to laugh at the large dose of comeuppance they’re getting.

  3. True, but don’t forget that this is the state that has brought Michelle Bachman upon us. Coleman’s camp may not have many legs left, but he and his supporters are doing a damn fine job of playing spoiler.

  4. I nearly crapped myself when I heard this on NPR driving home from the store. No, it’s not going to make things easy, but it should make them easier. Now all we need is for Norm Coleman to accept the reality of his situation. I guess Specter finally got tired of conservative pundits and politicians saying mind-bogglingly stupid things in public. And by keeping it up, they’re just further marginalizing their party.