Welcome to Houston!

You know, I really DID miss the sorts of storms that we’ve been enjoying the last week or so, but I really don’t need them to be so dramatic as to zap my power.

On the other hand, this is the first power outage of measurable length — 35 minutes and counting — that I remember since Ike back in 2008. Let’s hope this one doesn’t go for 4 day.

Also? All hail iPads with keyboards and 3G.

One thought on “Welcome to Houston!

  1. We installed a big bad ass backup generator last year. Other than tests and a short outage earlier this year, we have not had an outage, unlike the 19 mother fucking days we spent without juice around Ike. we actually use tethered phones and pucks as back ups at work and batteries. Not a great solution but it works ok.