Four Minutes with Tony Scott

If you remember him for nothing else — which is patently absurd, given his resume, which includes The Hunger, Top Gun, Man on Fire, and others — remember him for directing Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken in this scene from 1993’s True Romance (written, famously, by Tarantino).

I remember watching this in a theater with Chris Mohney and the rest of our pals, all of us absolutely on the edge of our seats as the tension built to impossible, unimaginable levels. (Watch closely, and see if you can spot Tony Soprano.)

Roger Ebert has more about Tony Scott.

2 thoughts on “Four Minutes with Tony Scott

  1. I liked Tony Scott, particularly some of the pace he used in his movies. I really liked Domino, which may be unique. Of course True Romance was the bomb, for many of the actors, and of course this excellent scene you have clipped on You Tube. I have watched Man on Fire about as many times as True Romance and consider both classics. I also liked the the remake of Pelham, Travolta’s performance was batshit perfect. I would be remiss if I did not point out the greatest Gay movie Evar, Top Gun. Funny that Tarantino is forever linked to Scott’s two most popular films.

  2. I think Revenge (director’s cut) is wrongly maligned, and am aware that I’m pretty much alone in that opinion and many others, such as my excitement with regard to the pending remake of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.