Wrong kind of football. Still awesome.

In need of caffeine, I went down to the lobby just now for a coffee; they had the soccer on, to which I paid little attention until I caught a few key facts out of the corner of my eye:

  • A graphic informed me that Spain had not been beaten in 35 games — they’re 33-0-2.
  • This afternoon, Spain is playing the US.
  • The US led 2-0 in the 89th minute of play.

After three minutes of stoppage time, it was over. The US shocked top seed Spain in the Confederation Cup semifinal. The Americans advance to their first FIFA final ever, at any level.

(There will, undoubtably, be more coverage later. This is, I take it, 1980 Olympic hockey territory.)

3 thoughts on “Wrong kind of football. Still awesome.

  1. Sam’s Army must be estactic. On Espn it was th etop stor, next to it a poll on “Who cares?” I actually have been following it due to my international contacts and their affinity for the wrong kind of football. I ‘ll be watching Texas play for another championship tonight,but again it is the wrong kind (baseball)…