If you’re like me, then part of you wishes you could just pull a Kathy Bates whenever someone pulls out in front of you and makes you slam on your brakes. Why not just hit them, dammit?

Of course, we don’t do these things, because of the damage to our cars that would result, not to mention the possibility of injury and liabilty to the other driver.

Apparently, though, the rules are rather different for Russian bus drivers, as the linked video shows. The driver known as The Punisher refuses to slow down when drivers cut in front of him, with predictably delicious results.

He is, of course, our new Heathen Hero.

One thought on “I LOVE THIS GUY

  1. It is not possible at this time for me to adequately express the degree to which I needed to see that video just now. Fucking beautiful.

    He’s not a Punisher, he’s an Artist.