One thought on ““I’ve tried and tried and tried to understand that, and I cain’t.”

  1. Not sure if he set out to demonstrate that homosexuality is a non-issue for the majority of the civilized world, but I thought he did a pretty good job of it.

    Those Appalachian folks might not have the finest teeth I’ve ever seen, but they struck me as remarkably good-hearted people. I found the audience snickering at them to be cringeworthy at best. I wonder if they would be as quick to laugh at poor, inarticulate rural non-whites.

    Colbert is a master of his craft but does occasionally get lost in the echo chamber of his satirical stylings. In the continuum between the perfected Colbertian world view and the racist hillbilly pigfucker, there exists an enormous grey area of moral sensibility that he has no choice but to ignore outright as it is so inconvenient to the false, overstated us-and-them projection in which he operates so well and comfortably.

    The grey area also wouldn’t be as funny.