Dept. of Heh.

So, during Alabama’s predicted beatdown of Kentucky on Saturday, ESPN went to draft analyst Todd McShay to talk about why Alabama’s AJ McCarron wasn’t likely to be a top draft prospect despite his BCS titles and other records.

During McShay’s bit, McCarron was, basically, doing pretty much all the things McShay said he couldn’t do in a 4 play, 80-yard drive down field that took only 1:50 off the clock. The drive:

  • Handoff to Yeldon for 12;
  • 21 yard pass to Yeldon;
  • 27 yard pass to Kent;
  • 20 yard pass to White for the TD.

So, yeah, whatever, McShay.

One thought on “Dept. of Heh.

  1. Moshay crazy, I bet Mccartney goes before JFF. After watching the shit show that is Texans football, I was going through the deep QB class, trying to decide who I would pick to replace Schaub. This is my order; Marriota, McCarron, Green, Bridgewater, Boyd, JFF.

    My reasoning; Mariotta is dual threat who gets rid of the ball faster than any of the candidates sue to his hyperactive offense. He is also can extend plays with his mobility and goes through multiple reads.

    McCarron is a pocket passer who grew up playing spread so he has shitloads of reps. He has benefitted from some of the greatest Olines in college history as well as RBS. I think he will learn a lot this year with the Bama Offense not quite as stout. That said he is a gamer, smart player who manages a game like the pros. I am not sure he is as cerrebal a QB as Marriota nor does he have his wheels so this is why I put him number 2.

    Murray is another pro caliber QB. I only put McCarron higher because he has won more. Similar players, will make great NFL pocket passers, but will have to learn to read the line to survive. Also has a quick release and is very decisive.

    Bridgewater is a machine. A great pocket passer who can already hot read/audible into positive yards. Hard to take his competition seriously, but look at his play and he already looks like a Pro.

    Boyd is a freak of nature, with a cannon arm. Reminds me of the pay-for-play Arburn QB. I only put him lower because I never see him audible. He has so many physical gifts and Wrs who can out-muscle their opponents that he does not have to. I can’t wait to watch him play hat FSU defense this week to see if he is forced to change plays at the line. The frosh at FSU might upstage him. Check out his percentage numbers they are sick. I believe the winner of this game will be in MNC.

    JFF is also a freak of nature. Like his confidence and ability to get the ball to receivers while on the move. His mobility will extend plays, and he is tough lil fucker when he does get hit, which is rare. The flip side to this, is he is reckless with his throws. He is the white Vick (except his family is into cock fighting). I don’t think he will be a great NFL QB. Reminds me of a guy named Vince Young, lots of tools, but a shitty work ethic. Still loads of fun to watch will win you games on his talent but will lose you games on wildass throws in NFL. As far as I saw, JFF lost the Bama game with his stupid interceptions. Last year Bama coaching lost that game IMO due to questionable play calling at the end of the game. Also, the spread not as successful in NFL due to league speed of defenders. Kelly learning this in Philly. Seattle runs a modified spread but their QB is very smart, and JFF would have to throttle back. I just don’t see him doing that, he does not appear wired that way.