Dept. of Regionalisms

I don’t usually go in for many online quizzes, but the New York Times’ dialect quiz placed me pretty much exactly, though I will admit I answered one question based on what we called it when I was growing up, not what I call it now. (I’m very conscious that the word we use for the road next to a highway in Texas is not the same word we used in Mississippi or Alabama; what do YOU call it?).

2 thoughts on “Dept. of Regionalisms

  1. This was great. My accent apparently comes from around Jackson, MS. How very embarrassing. (And since I grew up in Montgomery, AL, which is in many ways very similar to Jackson, I’m not that surprised.) I look forward to seeing how Sally (born in Delaware–seriously, have you ever met anyone from Delaware?–but lived most of her life here in Charlotte) will answer. I can always count on you to give me the good stuff, Mr. Farmer. Happy merry to all you and yours. Check my Facebook for a picture of my nine-year-old niece wearing my Minor Threat tshirt–I am so proud.