I’ll go ahead and say it

Given how thoroughly Lucas destroyed Star Wars with the absurdly bad prequels PLUS the fact that Abrams is objectively terrible when it comes to continuity, I’m shocked at how many people are excited about the new teaser trailer. There’s basically zero chance this film isn’t garbage.

One thought on “I’ll go ahead and say it

  1. I’m with you. I was so appalled by Phantom Menace that I refused to see the subsequent two. I was ten when the first one came out (I also refuse to call it “A New Hope,” and refuse to watch the current version which I believe Lucas has altered more than once), and the question that summer among my set was not, “Have you seen it?” but “How many times have you seen it?” Twenty-two years later, George Lucas unearths a treasured childhood memory, shits and pisses on it, and sets it on fire.