Confused about the Iran deal?

Josh Marshall has you covered, at least until more is known.

This paragraph says volumes, imo, about the nature of right-wing objections:

There’s a lot of Iran pony thinking going on about what would be cool if we could have everything we want. But as much as I fear what a Republican president might do on the Iran front, I think going to war with Iran is highly unlikely. Stiffening sanctions won’t happen because even if we stiffened sanctions, Europe and Russia and China won’t. So all the folks saying it’s not good enough or it’s a disaster or whatever else are basically saying we should hang tough and let the Iranians do whatever they want. Indeed, adopt a maximal line of confrontation short of war, which will empower hardliners and make it more likely the Iranians will take the step from being a nuclear threshold state to an actual nuclear weapons state. It is the elevation of self-satisfaction over tangible results and reality.

Remember that the Republicans whining about this deal would likely whine about ANY deal with Iran that didn’t include the enthusiastic religious conversion of every single man, woman, and child in Iran to Presbyterianism. They’re incapable of looking at anything generated by this Administration and not dismissing it as un-American, anti-Christian, and possibly socialist, even when the plan in question was written by Republicans in the first place, so it’s not as though these people are arguing in good faith.

3 thoughts on “Confused about the Iran deal?

  1. Yes republicans hate hostages being kept and releasing all sanctions and cash that feed hamas and other terrorists because they hate Obama.

  2. That’s not much of a rebuttal to what I’ve said here, or what Marshall wrote. It’s absolutely indisputable that the GOP will complain regardless of what the President does.

    The only real options are attempt to engage and retard the nuke program, or pretend our sanctions will do much of anything when (as noted) China, Europe, and Russia won’t play along. Better to have a deal.

  3. No doubt the GOP will hate anything that Obama does. However, I cannot say that their criticism is all Obama related and not justified.There are a lot of things in this agreement that sholuld worry a lot of people.


    p>I am certain the Israelis and the House of Saud will not let this stand. Besides you are missing the one thing that this agreement will likely do, make the price of oil plummet. The Koch brothers are licking their chops as the coming crackspread is going to make them richer than when they were pinching oil from the native tribes. Though, I suspect the Saudis will burn down Iran before they let the price of oil drop.