More Bowie bits you shouldn’t miss

From the RS tribute issue:

  • Trent Reznor’s comments include Bowie helping him get sober: “I knew. I knew you’d do that. I knew you’d come out of that.“. You should absolutely click through to the 1994 tour performance wherein he and Bowie do “Hurt” together. (How the fuck did I miss that tour?)

  • Longtime Bowie bassist Gail Ann Dorsey — who also became his “Under Pressure” duet partner — was more or less plucked from near-obscurity to tour with him; her memories of him are here. On this one, don’t miss the video of “Under Pressure.”

One thought on “More Bowie bits you shouldn’t miss

  1. That was the only Rock concert I went to with my oldest sis T. She was still in grad school and invited me up to Austin. Oddly, ran into my neighbor in Houston at concert who was literally standing right next to us. Later in Houston she told me that girl I was with was hot. Unique show, jazzy almost musical production after industrial zombie. Had seen NIN in summit a year before on Halloween and the performances were night and day. Never considered that drugs were the issue. Bowie was bigger than his music but that production had so much going on that it was easy to forget we were standing in a field.