Aaaah, so THAT’S why this week’s X-Files was so much better

The writer and director, Darin Morgan, also wrote for the original series, and was responsible for two of the very best episodes of the show: Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’ and the Emmy-winning Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose, both of which are brilliant.

In particular, note that both “Chung” and this week’s episode feature retelling of events from multiple perspectives as well as a certain over-arching sardonic and self-aware humor. (Did you notice Mulder’s ringtone is the X-Files’ theme music?)

Wikipedia link; more over at IO9, which also notes a few Easter eggs — the biggest of which is actually in the comments: the character Guy Mann is dressed exactly like Carl Kolchak, from the show that inspired Chris Cater in the 1970s.

One thought on “Aaaah, so THAT’S why this week’s X-Files was so much better

  1. Yep–Darin Morgan was always the secret sauce. Most reviews have mentioned Jose Chung and Clyde Bruckman, both of which are of course brilliant, but they (and you) are leaving out Humbug–you know, the one that takes place in a town populated by circus freaks. That one is the shiznit, with by far the best episode-ending punchline they ever did. And yep, I noticed the Carl Kolchak too. They used to show those on CBS on Friday nights when I was in junior high. They only made 20 episodes, but they still hold up, and, hey, Darren McGavin. (You knew your horror nerd buddy was gonna weigh in on this!)