Today in Rando Pop Culture Knowledge

During the time Kenan Thompson has been on SNL, he has seen fully 25 people come and go — i.e., have their entire SNL career.

  1. Finesse Mitchell (started the same year)
  2. Rob Riggle
  3. Jason Sudeikis
  4. Bill Hader
  5. Andy Samberg
  6. Kristen Wiig
  7. Casey Wilson
  8. Abby Elliott
  9. Bobby Moynihan
  10. Michaela Watkins
  11. Nasim Pedrad
  12. Jenny Slate
  13. Vanessa Bayer
  14. Paul Brittain
  15. Taran Killam
  16. Jay Pharoah
  17. Tim Robinson
  18. John Milhiser
  19. Mike O’Brien
  20. Noel Wells
  21. Brooks Wheelan
  22. Sasheer Zamata
  23. Leslie Jones
  24. Jon Rudinsky
  25. Luke Null

“Only” 158 people have ever been in the cast at SNL. 16% of those have had their ENTIRE CAREER happen while he’s been on the show.

All in, Kenan has shared the bill with 52 cast members — those 25, plus anyone who was already on the cast when he was hired (Armisen, Dratch, Fallon, Fey, Forte, Hammond, Meyers, Parnell, Richards, Rudolph, and Sanz) plus all those still ON the cast (16 people at the end of last season, plus himself).

IOW, he’s been cast with just over 33% of all cast members of SNL ever.

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