I’m surprised it’s taken them this long, but Charlie Weis has been fired at Notre Dame. Contrary to ESPN’s Forde, though, I don’t think they’re one good coaching hire away from national relevance again. Their clear inability to recognize what’s working (n.b. that it was the fired Willingham’s recruits that buoyed Weis’ early years; when they graduated, Weis tanked) will lead them to many more years in the wilderness, and probably more expensive buyouts.

I watched this happen with Alabama in the pre-Saban, post-Stallings era, and it wasn’t pretty; I think it’s likely to get uglier in South Bend given their perhaps even more unrealistic expectations. And, from the Alabama perspective, I’m sorry they’re firing him. He’s clearly not head coach material, but keeping him around would ensure the Irish continue to spiral the drain in perpetuity. Oh well.

In other news, there are also sources saying that Bobby Bowden is reitiring at FSU, which is a long time coming, but there are conflicting reports on other sites. This is something he should’ve done a while ago, but it creates another hot-seat job opening that is probably far, far more appealing than the Notre Dame job. Whups.

7 thoughts on “Exits

  1. Urban Meyer has said in the past that ND was his “dream” job. It wouldn’t bother me if he left Florida. He’s a good coach, but I’m not sure he’s as good as everyone makes out. His job has been buoyed by Tebow the last four years. Hell, even Mike Shula would have looked like an offensive genius if Tebow had been in his backfield! Next year, Florida is likely to be down as a result of Tebow’s departure.

  2. I think Meyer would be a fool to leave Florida at this point. He’s got more leeway there for a few lean years post-Tebow than a new coach at ND will have.

  3. There is no way Meyer leaves UF. UF won the championship in 2006 with Tebow playing a bit role and Chris Leak as QB. I loved Chris Leak, but I’m fairly certain that Tebow’s replacement next year will be as skilled or better than Leak.

    Back to ND. Remember Lou Holtz at the beginning of the season calling Weis the most underrated coach in America?

  4. Of course, in 2006, The Saban wasn’t coaching in the SEC.

    Who is Tebow’s replacement? Has been on the field this year?

    Lou Holtz is a tool.

  5. Urban Meyer is a true coaching genius. It was his offense that dismantled Alabama last year in the Sugar Bowl. A legacy from when he coached at Utah. The fact that Zook could not win with largely the same personnel speaks to his ability to modify a system to match assets. UM would be foolish to leave UF for ND as recruiting would be much more difficult in South Bend, where they actually make their athletes score on the SAT. I doubt seriously that Brantley will be as successful as Tebow has been in the spread. Brantley is more of a drop back passer. Texas faces similar challenges next year when we bring in Gilbert. Though, McCoy was not supposed to be much of a runner either, and he turned out ok.

    If I were looking for the Irish I wold take a hard look at Jim Harbaugh, who owns two wins against Pete Carrol’s Trojans and currently coaches Stanford. This would knock out two birds with one stone. I would be happy if they took Stoops because it would allow me to continue my hate for both.

  6. Given that it was kinda the same offense twice in a row (against Florida and against Utah), it makes you notice what a difference Andre Smith made, eh?

    I think the Irish will have to “promote” a hot coach from a lesser program, not attempt to attract an already marquee coach. (Alabama got lucky in that Saban was on the market, and nobody else big was hiring; it’s a different game this time around.) ESPN seems to think Cincy’s Brian Kelly would be a good pick; that’s the kind of hire I’m talking about.

    The Stanford guy might be a pick, but even given the money bump the Irish would offer I wonder if he’d trade the Bay for the pressurecooker in South Bend. Head Coach at ND is probably the least attractive NCAA job, I’d venture.