Chris Dishes

Ol’ man Mohney wonders about the protocol, and then ultimately spills the beans about a truly tedious and pretentious gal he dated back in the day.

I only remember her because he had the poor form to bring her to my apartment, whereupon her attitude produced near-immediate ridicule. And now, 20 years later, she’s become — per Mohney — a “Sarah Palin-like figure” back in Aladamnbama, apparently poised for election to statewide office, complete with a web site boasting of her right-winger bona fides and (I kid you not) the fact that her daddy was a star quarterback at Bama, played for Bear, etc.

Granted, the state in question is Alabama. But still.

2 thoughts on “Chris Dishes

  1. Oh I remember that night. The beaujolais nouveau? in the terra cotta goblets? And was this the same night that we watched…Impromptu?

    Wow. That’s an unexpected trajectory.

    How do I remember this, but can’t remember anything significant from the last year?

  2. I liked her hair back in the day. She made no other real impression upon me other than her hair. In the interest of fairness, I also liked Monica Lewinski’s hair, so judge me as you will.

    I don’t like her hair now. It’s a bad hairdo now. Unruly tresses need to be long, or they make the tressed appear to have no discerning tastes regarding perms.