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Rachel Maddow pretty much destroys Fox and their embrace of the Sherrod controversy, and subsequent (and ongoing) blatant hypocrisy.

When the Brietbart injected this bullshit into the mediasphere, Fox couldn’t contain their glee, and led the charge to get Sherrod dismissed. Their full court press was positively frothy. But we shouldn’t be surprised that, once the whole thing blew up, and people saw the whole, unedited tape, and it became clear that Sherrod’s speech was in no way racist, Fox changed their tune — this time, tut-tutting that the Obama Administration had jumped the gun in firing Sherrod, and expressing outrage at anyone would rush to judgement without getting the facts straight.

We’ve been through years of this with the doofuses at Fox, but it still astonishes me that they are so craven and so clearly uninterested in actual journalism.

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  1. There will be a full court press on Sherrod and her role in the Pickford vs. Glickman (sp) where she received 13 million dollars from the US Gov for alleged discriminatory practices against a cooperative she and her husband were once involved. Welcome to election season. GOP is definitely trying to strip white votes from the Obama camp, starting with the midterm elections. Brietbart is just puppet of the machine, like

  2. First, Breitbart is an irresponsible provocateur of the sort LOVED by the right. His whole idea was to stir shit, and try to get an administration pelt for his wall. He doesn’t care for truth or accuracy; he cares about pushing a right-wing agenda by any means he deems necessary. There is no way to defend his actions here that is congruent with any moral code I can identify. If you think there’s any meaningful equivalency between his “work” and MoveOn, you’re completely on crack.

    Second, I’m completely unclear on what you’re trying to say about the Pigford (not Pickford) class action. That her family was part of the class is completely irrelevant to the bullshit accusations that hounded her from her job. I suggest you read up on the context in which Pigford was decided. There was a valid grievance, and it was settled. It wasn’t a shakedown or a bullshit suit; the Dept of Agriculture was actively discriminating against black farmers in ways that put many of them out of business. (The claim wasn’t against the cooperative; the Sherrods were part of the New Communities cooperative that will receive the $13M.)

    More here.

    Third, yeah, the GOP is famous for bullshit like this. But I’m not convinced most people will fall for it anymore, especially when takedowns like this blow up so fantastically.

  3. are of the same ilk, provacateurs sponsored by similarly polarizing elements that sponsor Brietbart who publish half-truths for effect. Henchmen.

    GOP will in fact go after the idea of a colorless presidency. The speech or parts they showed clearly had audience members of the NAACP cheering on statesments of discrimination. This is why it was released. That the USDA was reactionary was really just another pillar to show that the myth of a color blind presidency is for show.

    turns out the suit was for 13 million and the settlement was for 300k.

  4. I hope we can count on Maddow to hold Fox News accountable in the future should they ask for and accept the resignation of any other government employees in error based on bad information, as they clearly did in this instance. As the primary decision-making body for the USDA in controversial employee matters, Fox News has failed the American people. Maddow’s blame focus here was absolutely dead-on. The feds played no part in Sherrod’s mistreatment, and are not deserving in any way of any manner of criticism.