Dear Mississippi: Please stop making me say “GODDAMMIT!”

The middle school in Nettleton, Mississippi, has rules limiting class offices by race.

Grades 6, 7, and 8 all have four offices (president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and reporter). Black students may run for 6th grade reporter, 7th grade secretary-treasurer, and 8th grade reporter and vice president. The other offices are reserved for white students.

(As you might expect, Nettleton is in the ass-end of nowhere even by Mississippi standards, somewhere south of Tupelo. Which is also, come to think of it, the same area of the state that gave us the Constance McMillen/Itawamba prom fiasco. What the hell is wrong with you people in northeastern Mississippi?)

2 thoughts on “Dear Mississippi: Please stop making me say “GODDAMMIT!”

  1. I will venture a hopeless guess that this is some sort of bizarre (and yet not terribly surprising) mutation of affirmative action-style thinking. Maybe they had too many prior instances of all white or all black student council officers? Is there nothing a public school educrat can’t fix?