Confidential To Heathen Climber Joe M., out on Galveston

Comment promptly, and I won’t tell anyone the band I just heard you win tickets to see on the radio.

6 thoughts on “Confidential To Heathen Climber Joe M., out on Galveston

  1. Uhhhh….all i heard was be caller 10 now. I hit dial a few times and ended up winning. Yep, it was me. Good thing I’m on a plane to Thailand later this week and will unfortunately have to miss the event.

  2. I plan on picking the tickets up tomorrow and promptly giving them away to some unsuspecting climber at Stone Moves. (unless you want to go see them, Chet.) 8-)

  3. LOL. I’m just amused as all get-out that I just happened to be in the car with the radio on at the right time to hear your name (“Hey! I know that guy!”). My wife tore a contact, so I had to run her glasses downtown in the middle of the afternoon. How weird is that?

    Carl and I went climbing at the “new” gym a couple weeks ago. I totally redpointed a solid 5.8, baby. Also, I need new shoes. It turns out 8 or 9 years of Houston tropic fun in my garage is enough to severely deplete the elasticity of the ones I shoved onto my feet on that trip. Either that, or somehow, way back in the day, I had a much higher pain tolerance.

    What is this “Stone Moves” you speak of?

  4. Stone Moves is the old Exposure. 1960 and Cutten. It has rope routes, but it’s mostly a boulderer’s gym. It is much better than TRG. If you need a punch card for TRG i think i have one…from when Monty was still running the show. I’m usually at stone moves M/W/F/sunday…when i’m not injured or traveling. i actually sorta forgot about the tickets. I switched to another station and never heard my name. I’m glad someone was listening.

  5. Ah, gotcha.

    Two weeks ago was the first time I’d been to the new TRG. Some things are better (I think it’s actually bigger), but it sure the hell is DARK. That’s a design flaw for sure.

    Maybe I’ll con ol’ Carl into a trip to the northwestern burbs one of these nights — we both got old and full of obligations, though. :(