Things That Need To Stop

Differing release schedules for books in the UK vs. the US. It’s completely ridiculous, and makes us want to figure out how to pirate a BOOK.

A well-reviewed SF novel I’d like to read is not currently slated for US publication until May, at which point it’ll be $24 plus shipping from Amazon in hard-to-tote-around hardback.

Instead, I just ordered the paperback from Amazon’s UK store for just under $20 (and about half that is shipping), and will have it in a week or so.

I might’ve used the Kindle option, and read it on my phone, except Amazon won’t sell me the Kindle edition because I live in the US, and that’s where the bullshit alarm goes off. Seriously, publishers, get your shit together and stop doing things like this just because you can. Silly availability decisions drive people to find ways to get your content without paying you at all. Don’t be that guy.

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