In which Gibson predicts reality. Again.

JWZ has a great summary of the iamamiwhoiam art project. Check it out:

At the beginning of the year, these weird, short, high-production-value videos began appearing on Youtube with no explanation of what they were or who made them, straight out of Pattern Recognition. They featured a heavily distorted woman licking trees and doing other bizarre things in the woods with music that sounded like The Knife or Fever Ray. Cult following ensued. The videos got longer, revealing more of the singer and the songs.

Then in November they posted a short video saying, “We need one volunteer, call this number”!

The next six videos posted show their volunteer getting on a plane to Sweden, arriving at a hotel, and being silently fucked with by faceless weirdos, eventually getting a supporting role in their “live concert”.

He concludes:

This project is absolutely the best, weirdest thing that the internets have brought us in years.

I agree. He’s got a playlist up of the videos; if you have a bit of time, check it out.

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