Couldn’t Stand the Weather (Updated)

Alabama’s getting hammered by a massive tornado, and that includes areas near and dear to Heathen Nation. Here’s a roundup of the links sent my way in the last hour:

A little roundup of Alabama tornado links:

Also, not to make light, but no more HotNow, Tide faithful.

Reports put the wind at 177 knots, which would put it well into F4 territory.

Finally, there’s a longrunning live feed at ABC 33/40. This storm started in eastern Mississippi, and is still causing havoc east of Birmingham.

No clear word on any campus damage, but one bystander stated that it was possible to see Coleman Coliseum from the parking lot of University Mall. If true, that’s mindblowing.

Ol’ Mohney notes that this guy’s Twitter stream has lots of updates.

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