What’s in a name?

So earlier today, an astute reader noted there there exists another Miscellaneous Heathen weblog, over on Blogspot, at http://miscellaneousheathen.blogspot.com. Her site wasn’t too similar to ours here, but the name thing was a little odd, and we’re kind of attached to being the only Miscellaneous Heathen weblog around.

After being needlessly flip about her in a reply to a comment this morning (since redacted, and for which I have apologized), I decided to email her and ask if she’d mind changing her blog name. Hers was 2 months old in its current incarnation, but longtime Heathen know we’ve been using this name since scandals meant “blow jobs” and not “manufactured casus bellli.”

Gennifer was nothing but gracious, and agreed immediately to change her site’s name. If you somehow arrived here looking for her site, or you just want to read funny stuff of another stripe, head over to Unsweet, hosted at Blogspot. I get the idea she’s some sort of TV writer person, and that’s got to be a gold mine for material. Thanks again, Gennifer, for understanding our unnatural attraction to the this particular oddball phrase.

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