Dept. of Boundless Hypocrisy

In the wake of Lawrence v. Texas, plenty of folks have weighed in on the gay marriage issue, not the least of them clergy of various stripes. It therefore comes as no surprise that Rome has something to say, and something loud and bombastic at that. Somehow, they discovered the stones required to insist that allowing gay adoption “does violence” to the children involved.

Presumably, we should take them at their word, since any organization that has made an ongoing practice of covering up its own pedophilia and sexual abuse for decades clearly knows more about violance against children than simple, loving parents. I’m pretty sure we ought not be taking our cues about child care from these guys. How, again, are two loving parents who happen to be the same gender somehow tantamount to violence? Perhaps the real violence here is the idea of leaving one’s children in the care of people who can’t tell abuse from ministry, and shuffle personnel to protect rapists and their own organization rather than accept responsibility for violating a profoundly sacred trust. I’m honestly stunned they think they have any credibility on the issue whatsoever.

Other people saying the same thing include Patrick Nielsen-Hayden ( blog) over at Electrolite, who includes a few other comments as well.

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