So I went away for the weekend. Sue me.

Upon my return, though, I offer this OMNIBUS post:

  • Geek Tattoos. Lots of Atari logos. And, God help him, an AMD K6 logo.
  • Mel Gibson’s Jesus struck by lightning; perhaps it’s an editorial comment?
  • The White House’s web site has taken steps to keep search engines from indexing content about Iraq, which presumably will make it harder to compare what they say NOW to what they said THEN. Ick.
  • READ THIS ONE: Excerpts from the Diebold memos surrounding the 2000 Presidential election. Hint: we may already be in trouble with these things.
  • You know those Weapons of Mass Destruction we were SURE Iraq had? We still can’t find any evidence of ’em.
  • Oddly, organizations that disagree with the Bush Administration’s abstinence-only education plan keep getting investigated by the government.
  • Twelve states and several cities are suing the EPA over Bush’s changes to the Clean Air Act making it easier for plants to upgrade faciliites without reducing pollution.

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