Goodbye, Greymatter…

…Hello, Blosxom.

For lots of reasons, not the least which being my tendency to tweak shit, I’ve moved Miscellaneous Heathen to another new system. If you’re the sort who keeps score on these things, this makes our third since spring, 2001. My “Some Arrant Knaves I Know” mailing list became the initial, Blogger-driven version; then, in July, 2001, I switched to the more tweak-friendly and stable Greymatter.This isn’t a reflection on Greymatter per se (though GM did seem to have trouble rebuilding all 650+ entries without timing out); it’s more a question of right tools. Noah Grey has moved on to his “real” career (photography) and is no longer maintaining Greymatter, which means updates and improvements are unlikely. On the other hand, Blosxom is a community effort centered around a simple core application plus a growing body of plug-ins that seem to Just Plain Work. It also renders all the pages dynamically, which means no more rebuilding pages when I tweak the templates.

None of this matters to 90% of the Heathen Public, of course. In the event you do care about this sort of thing, I have a Greymatter-to-Blosxom + WriteBack Perl script you may want; I could find no such thing on the net, so I had to build my own.

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