Dept. of Completely Out of Touch Idiots

The Sons of Confederate Veterans — an organization that I’m told once concerned itself primarily with history, but now seems to be completely dominated by racist goofballs — are busy opposing a statue of Lincoln recently erected in Richmond. Bragdon Bowling, Virginia division commander of the SCV, spoke at the protest:

“They have no concept of history and how it might be the wrong place to put the statue,” said Bowling, whose great-grandfather John Stephen Cannon fought for the Confederacy. “As a Southerner, I’m offended. You wouldn’t put a statue of Winston Churchill in downtown Berlin, would you? What’s next, a statue of Sherman in Atlanta?”

Thanks, Bragdon. I think people might have been getting the idea that the South wasn’t full of bigots and slack-jawed yokels; I’m glad you cleared that up for us.

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