SabanWatch Week 6

Nobody has balls bigger than Les Miles. 5 of 5 on 4th down conversions. Another fake field goal. The Gators, already down a game thanks to Auburn, drop to the much more populous tier of 2-loss teams — while the LSU Tigers improve to 6-0 (for first time since ’73) with a late rally over Florida and make clear what we’ve been saying all season: they deserve to be number one, and have all season. Especially since USC managed to lose to a team with 4-digit SAT scores despite being 41 point favorites (how weird is that?).

Yessir, this #1 ranked SEC squad has Heathen HQ so happy we don’t even care that somehow the Irish notched to win today (against UCLA, of all people, which just proves the west coast can’t play football — c’mon, there are squads of high school kids in Metro Houston that would whip Weis’ boys).

So, Saban. Yeah, he won. But good GOD it was Houston, for crying out loud, and he only did it 30 to 24 at home, on Homecoming. Get with the program, NickyLou! Every little bit helps, though, and the 6-point margin brings our total winning points to 59, which thereby lifts the Points Per Million to 1.844. (Updated for math error.)

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