Pre-Sabanwatch Football Rundown: Week 4

Still-overrated Louisville (18 AP/19 USAT) bent over for unranked Syracuse this afternoon in a sloppy meltdown of a game. Go Big East! At least this’ll keep the UL partisans from whining about a shot at the title come Christmastime; even if 2-loss squads have a shot by then, surely the Powers That Be will insist that the losses be to quality squads and not to the unranked likes of Kentucky or Syracuse.

Today’s surprise? Ole Miss gave UF a run for their money in Oxford, but the Gators escaped 30 to 24. Are the Rebs better than we thought, or did Florida just underestimate them?

Joe Pa’s overrated Lions (ranked 10 in both polls, at least until today) fell to the unranked, can’t-beat-App State Michigan Wolverines, 14 to 9. Traditionally, Penn State is second only to the Irish in unearned ranking, since both delight in building scheduling a fall filled with creampuffs. Maybe this will be the year we get ’em both off the lists before Halloween. (Amusingly, people are now suggesting that Michigan might well win the Big 10 despite the 1-AA loss in the opener, which is just wacky.)

Speaking of the Irish, they’ve widened their measure of Fail by losing to Michigan State IN South Bend, 31 to 14. Welcome to the land of 0 and 4, Notre Dame! Who wants to set the over/under on Weis’ tenure?

The big show this afternoon was of course LSU – South Carolina, as noted, and it went down as predicted. The final score — 28 to 16 — makes it look closer than it was; the Cocks got their last TD off a really sloppy facemask by an LSU defender as he sacked the South Carolina quarterback. We’re sure Coach Miles will have him run some extra sprints this week to atone. LSU gets the week off next Saturday (well, it’s Tulane), but they’re looking strong enough to garner a few more votes this week.

How we know college football is more fun that the pros: LSU’s 3rd touchdown, just before the half. They faked a field goal with more style than we’ve ever seen. The footage has to show up on YouTube. Also, LSU has a wee football leprechaun in Trendon Holliday. He’s tiny, but DAMN that fella can run.

We’re off for other activities for the evening, so we’ll miss the Alabama-Georgia matchup; supposedly, Third Party Contract Oil’s gonna text us updates. We hope. Failing that, there’s Tivo.

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