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NYT had a great piece on U2 (pointed out by Mike) on the 14th; we’ve been busy, or we’d have put it up sooner. Use nogators/nogators to get in. Interestingly, it turns out they weren’t paid for the iPod spot; it functioned as an ad for their record as much as the iPod. Neat.

A fine quote from Bono:

“I don’t talk about my faith very much, because the people you might want to talk with, you don’t want to hang out with. “To have faith in a time of religious fervor is a worry. And, you know, I do have faith, and I’m worried about even the subject because of the sort of fanaticism that is the next-door neighbor of faith. The trick in the next few years will be not to decry the religious instinct, but to accept that this is a hugely important part of people’s lives. And at the same time to be very wary of people who believe that theirs is the only way. Unilateralism before God is dangerous.” “Religion is ceremony and symbolism,” he added. “Writers live off symbolism, and performers live off ceremony. We’re made for religion! And yet you see this country, Ireland, ripped over religion, and you see the Middle East. Right now, unless tolerance comes with fervor, you’ll see it in the United States.”

And, on the iPod thing:

Apple is manufacturing a black-and-red U2 iPod with the album stored on it, and later this month its iTunes Music Store is releasing “The Complete U2,” a digital album of 400 songs, including 25 previously unreleased. To inaugurate the band’s partnership with Apple, U2 and its song “Vertigo” appear in an iPod commercial for which, Bono said, the band was not paid. “My idea of selling out is when you do naff things for money,” he said, going on to define “naff” as very embarrassing. “That’s subjective, but I think it’s quite clear: don’t embarrass your fans, they’ve given you a good life. Our audience are thrilled about the Apple thing. They can’t believe their band has its own iPod. “I have a very strong sense of survival,” he added, “and I know that ‘Vertigo’ is not the biggest pop song in the world. I know that riff has to be hammered home to become a pop song. With the commercial, we had a rock video coming on during the baseball playoffs in a way a record company could not afford.'”

Clever boys, U2. Now, when’s the tour?

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