Christmas Music So Good I Don’t Care If It’s Not Thanksgiving Yet

The Blind Boys of Alabama have a Christmas disc out. It’s absolutely astounding. Guests include Solomon Burke, Chrissie Hynde, Richard Thompson, Aaron Neville, Mavis Staples, as well as TOM WAITS and GEORGE CLINTON.

Don’t miss this one. I got mine at a great local record shop. Fred hasn’t got a website that I can see, or I’d point you there. In any case, it’s called “Go Tell It On The Mountain”; Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records is the label (which (thank God (HDANCN?)) has nothing at all to do with beautiful, vapid, self-absorbed twentysomethings screaming, whining, and misbehaving in absurdly well decorated apartments).

You can buy it online via either the Blind Boys’ site, or the label site, which curiously uses frames so I can’t link directly to the page in question.

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