Now will everyone please shut up about USC?

The unranked Oregon Beavers popped the Trojans’ bubble on Thursday night, 27 to 21. Oregon improves to 2-2; USC is sure to fall significantly on the loss.

Now please also shut up about the PAC-10, too. The real game is today, when we find out whether Saban’s delivering ahead of schedule, or Georgia is as tough as Athens wants us to believe.

One thought on “Now will everyone please shut up about USC?

  1. Saban is most definitely delivering ahead of schedule and UGA was way the fuck over rated. I can’t wait until he brings it to the LSU crowd. In the next two the three weeks the BIG XII will be on center stage with Texas playing two top 5 team in consecutive weeks, OU and Mizzou. The real McCoy is making headlines….