Hey, even Heathen are right sometimes

As predicted, LSU just handed perennially-overrated Notre Dame their 9th consecutive bowl loss[1] in the Sugar Bowl. Final score: LSU 41, Notre Dame 14. LSU quarterback Jamarcus Russell outproduced the much ballyhooed ND golden boy Brady Quinn by better than 2 to 1 — and he’s a junior who could come back and lead the Tigers next year.

Revised bowl rundown, now with final AP/USAT/BCS rankings:

  • Alabama (UR) — Independence, vs. Oklahoma St (UR) — LOST
  • Arkansas (12/13/12)– Capitol One, vs. Wisc (6/5/7) — LOST
  • Auburn (10/10/9)– Cotton, vs. Nebraska (22/22/23) — WON
  • Florida (2)– BCS Championship, vs. Ohio State (1) — 1/8, 8pm
  • Georgia (UR)– Chik-Fil-A, vs. VaTech (14/14/13) — WON
  • Kentucky (UR) — Gaylord Hotels Music City, vs. Clemson (UR) — WON
  • LSU (4) — Sugar, vs. ND (11) — WON
  • SC (UR) — AutoZone Liberty, vs. Houston (UR) — WON
  • Tenn (17) — Outback, vs. Penn State (UR) — LOST

The SEC has played 8 of its 9 bowls, and taken 5 of them. Cross your fingers for the big show next week.

[1. The last time Notre Dame won a bowl, Heathen lived in Tuscaloosa, and most of you people had never heard of the Internet. It was the January 1994 Cotton Bowl, against A&M.]

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