Dept. of TSA Incompetence, Part Six Billion

As we all know, the ID requirement for flight these days is about airline revenue, not security. The airlines had a problem with people selling tickets they couldn’t use, so they wanted to tie tickets to individuals. Putting names on the tickets didn’t work, since any male could fly on one of our tickets, and any female on Mrs Heathen’s. However, after 9/11 they managed to get the Feds to require ID, and the problem was solved.

Sort of. As it turns out — and this should surprise precisely nobody — the new ID requirement is yet another example of the naked emperor. A CBS affiliate in Kansas City set out to see how rigid it is, and were able to get past security with a totally fabricated ID made on a home computer. Nice.

Now, seeing as how this ID thing has nada to do with safety — remember, the 9/11 guys had valid ID — we think it’s pretty funny they’re doing basically nothing to enforce the edict, but if they’re so ineffectual on this, what else are they dropping the ball on?

Oh, wait. We know that answer, too.

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