The Anglican Communion is just a little confused

The AC is the global body of Anglican/Episcopal folks; they’re at odds with the more liberal Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) over the ordination of homosexual priests and bishops, and the support of gay unions. There’s been lots of talk of a sectarian split over this, even, with the ECUSA going one way, and the AC going the other; it happens all the time in matters of faith, if you take the long view.

Except there’s a wrinkle. Nobody’s really saying it out loud, but it looks an awful lot like the AC wants the ECUSA to kowtow to its prejudices where gays are concerned, but really doesn’t want them to stop contributing to the global AC fund. The ECUSA contributes about a third of global AC money, apparently. From the NYT article:

American resentment at their role as the Communion’s deep pockets emerged last year when the Episcopal Church’s executive council was asked to increase its contribution to the Anglican Consultative Council, the Communion’s central coordinating body, by 10 percent each year for the next three years from $661,000 in 2007.

At the council’s last meeting, in England in 2005, the Episcopal Church’s representatives were asked to look on as observers, and not participate in decision making — a measure promoted by some conservative primates.

Mrs. Larom, the Episcopal Church’s director of Anglican relations, said some members of the executive council bristled at the budget request, saying, ” ‘Why should we give money when we’re not at the table?’ “

Something tells us the golden rule is about to come into play, and not the one that Jesus taught.

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