The Whine of Spammers

Looks like the guy responsible for spamming my blog earlier doesn’t being called a spammer:

Hi – Sorry for the appearance of spam, but that wasn’t the case. I post everything manually, and only to blog entries that are relevant. There is a great revolution in media happening, and I am working hard to make it happen faster. Replay Radio is a great way to get the TiVo experience for radio, and I think everyone agrees that TiVo is cool. Podcasting is cool, too, and we will have a free Podcasting client soming soon as well. Again, please accept my apologies for the appearance of spam — that is simple not the case. Best Regards, Bill Dettering Applian Technologies Inc.

In other words “it’s not spam, because I say it’s not spam! Stop calling me a spammer!”

Presumably, he thinks this because he has some other definition of “spam.” Well, we think different. The formal acronym for spam is UCE, or unsolicited commercial email. The comment was an unsolicited attempt to sell his product, so as far as I’m concerned that qualifies. Q.E.D.

Go away, Bill, and stop spamming my blog.

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