We’re sort of sorry he didn’t bait Dave Winer, but it’s still kinda funny

Geek writer Mark Pilgrim has apparently been inspired by Ze Frank to give videoblogging a try, which somewhat mixed results. Fortunately, he also included the text in the blog post, which makes it easy for us to point out and quote one of the best zingers of the day:

In the “news I don’t care about” department, a company I’ll never work for has announced that it will not be shipping a new filesystem I’d never trust in an operating system I’ll never use. The so-called “WinFS” filesystem was supposed to feature rich metadata and schemas to help you organize your ever-growing porn collection.

Joe Gregorio, seen here preaching the Gospel of Atom, predicted the non-shipping-ness of WinFS in 2003, saying “WinFS is the file system formerly called Cairo and has repeatedly not shipped since 1995. If it ever did ship it would be a complete failure because it does not solve a problem that anyone actually has.”


We agree.

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