Dept. of Yellow Journalism

A week or so ago, the formerly decent but apparently now deeply lightweight PC Magazine ran a column by Lance Ulanoff crowing about how OS X had a vulnerability, and that this meant that it wasn’t any better than Windows after all. It’s a poorly written whinefest, really, full of misconceptions and perhaps even deliberate misrepresentation — either that, or Ulanoff is grossly unqualified to author such a piece.

Predictably, there was great hew and cry over the article on technical sites. (Given that PCMag has published John Dvorak for years — sort of a technological Bill O’Reilly — I wonder if this wasn’t their point, but never mind that.) There have been rebuttals great and small, but the best is almost certainly this piece by Richard Forno, a security specialist, author, and former Chief Security Officer at Network Solutions.

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