On a Mac? Easily distracted? We’ve got just the thing.

Sometimes, when we’re having productivity issues, we pine for the days when computers weren’t hooked to anything but the power jack and the printer, and could barely run one program at a time, let alone the couple dozen we keep open. There was something nice and pure about a full screen devoted to a single task.

Well, thank God for Merlin Mann yet again, as by combining three small interface hack programs, he’s found a way to emulate full-screen mode on a Mac. The little add-ins (1) hide the menubar unless you hit it with your mouse (MenuShade); (2) automatically hide programs unused for X amount of time (SpiritedAway); and (3) provide a BackDrop to obscure anything else floating around. It sounds basic and silly, but we’ve just tried it on a lark and we’re pretty darn happy with it. Enjoy.

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